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At eTechNY Computer Consulting we keep up with the most recent computer advancements so you don't have to.  Setting up your computer for the first time is not easy.  How do you install your software? How do you setup your printer, scanner, zip-drive? How do you get online? Once you computer is setup keeping it performing at it's maximum level is essential.  We have the knowledge and experience to make your computer use simple and rewarding.

We have extensive personal training courses to make your computer use productive.  We can train you in basic and in-depth use of Windows 98, XP, 2000, Word, Works, Excel, Frontpage, Internet Explorer, Firefox and many more.  To find a total list of courses go to the Consulting Department and click on Training.

Our team of consultants can advise you before you purchase to get the most computer at the best price.  If you already own a computer but you want add hardware we can help there too.  Have you ever installed a hard drive,  or a  CD-Rom, how about a DVD burner? Even something as simple as installing a printer can cause problems.  How about a new modem they never work the first time.  If you have worked on your computer yourself you probably have had problems and you know what true frustration is.  To few IRQ's, no extra ports, or your computer just refuses to recognize new hardware.  We can take away the frustration and get you back to work.

Have you ever wanted a personal webpage, or a business webpage?  Maybe your thinking of starting an internet business.  eTechNY consulting has designed many personal and business webpages.  We will work with you to get your personalized page up and running. If you would like to build and design the page yourself we can provide training and will advise you on the best software to get the job done.


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